Business Valuation and Business Damages Cases

As a leading Litigation Support firm in South Florida, we have experience in successfully achieving favorable outcomes for our clients in resolving business disputes and/or business damages. If you need forensic and valuation professional services, contact us at (954) 332-2404 for a free consultation!

Patent Litigation

The patent case for a seat manufacturer determined damages for lost profit, royalty rate, and price erosion resulting in a favorable settlement.

Shareholder Dispute

Shareholder dispute in a dissolution matter for an auto product manufacturer where the court accepted the valuation opinion without modification.

False Advertising

False advertising in a laser vision case where a nominal amount of damages was determined by the court with the assistance of expert testimony provided.


Bankruptcy matter and testimony for a commercial restoration business that involved both a business valuation with consideration of the term indubitable equivalent. Also included a detailed forensic accounting analysis for a dissipation of company assets for personal gain.

Breach of Contract

Breach of contract case for a foreign-based consumer products distributor that resulted in an overwhelmingly favorable decision at an arbitration hearing.

Patent Litigation

The patent case for a technology app required a rebuttal report for a detailed and sophisticated Georgia Pacific royalty rate analysis and presentation at trial.

Construction Litigation

Housing construction case where testimony was provided on behalf of the defendant that resulted in $1 of damages by jurors.

Breach of Contract

Breach of contract case involving a Hall of Fame NBA player where a lost profits analysis then resulted in a quick settlement.

Patent Litigation

The patent case for a retail product that determined damages for lost profit under consideration and analysis of the Panduit factors.

Trade Name Litigation

Trade name case for a hospitality business that included a sophisticated royalty rate rebuttal analysis.

Copyright Litigation

Copyright case for a building products manufacturer that required an extensive analysis to determine unjust enrichment.

IRS Litigation

Dispute with the IRS for a sizable tax deficiency for a real estate holding company and a 501(c)(3) that required valuations for a multitude of years that was settled favorably to client.

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