Breach of Fiduciary

Breach of fiduciary matter involving family members with opposing interests that required detailed forensic analysis.

Construction Litigation

Construction fraud case that required detailed analysis for project delays created by excessive time and billing by subcontractors that resulted in cost over runs/change orders.


A defamation case involving a prominent surgeon and a national broadcast news network where the doctor was no longer employable necessitated a lost earnings determination.

Personal Injury

Personal injury case involving a major airline and a physician where rebuttal report analysis resulted in a favorfable settlement to defendant.

IRS Litigation

Dispute with the IRS for a medical products manufacturer that sold business to third party in a $billion transaction when the gift tax valuations prepared at an earlier date were at a significantly lower valuation that resulted in a very favorable settlement.

Shareholder Dispute

Shareholder dispute for a government services supplier that required damages expert and interpretation of relevant clause in shareholders’ agreement that significantly impacted damages determination.

Employment Litigation

Employment litigation in an FLSA case for unpaid overtime and wages that required a comprehensative database analysis to dispute over zealous claims of plaintiffs.

Employment Litigation

Employment litigation involving the valuation of stock options, back pay, and front pay resulted in a favorable decision at an arbitration hearing.

Marital Dispute

Marital dispute that required valuation of 20 automobile dealerships and 30 investment holding companies.


Usury case that set forth the required analysis in that connection.


A bankruptcy case involving the value of a business resulted in a favorable court opinion.

IRS Litigation

Assistance to the Department of Justice involving the valuation of an automobile dealership.

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