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Do standard business insurance policies...

Local business owners are becoming concerned about the current coronavirus disease and the possible impacts on their businesses. Large events are being canceled, shiploads of tourists being quarantined, entire cities, beaches, restaurants and entertainment venues are being forced to limit hours and customer counts. Pretty scary....

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The Key Ingredient of CSR

Whaley also notes the views of Peter Gampel Managing Director of Gampel Forensic and Valuation in Florida. “If there is a merger, we are brought into put a value on intangibles," Gampel asserts. "There are dollar amounts for patents, licenses, customer relationships, trademarks, but we don’t usually try to assess the value of a company’s social responsibility. This is not quantifiable from a numbers point of view.” However, Gampel goes on to state that CSR does clearly have an impact on a company’s value and profitability because a socially responsible business is more appealing to consumers and top employee talent.

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